Cookies Policy

This Cookies Policy is an integral part of the Privacy Policy and constitutes a single Agreement between you and the Company for the use of the Website and its Services.

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your device when you visit the Website and are necessary for the basic needs of the Website (security functionalities), as well as facilitate the use of the Website, save your preferences (language, location).

When you are using this Website, we may use cookies and similar technologies, and automatically collect some information about you, including the operating system, IP address, software, pages of the Website you have viewed, information about the equipment from which you visit the Website.

Cookies store on your device for a limited time, and some of them are deleted as soon as you left the Website or our application, considering that we do not need to store such files. However, so-called “permanent” cookies will be stored for the time of their validity, usually no longer than two years or until you delete them. Permanent Cookies help us identify you when you return to the Website.

With cookies files, we use technologies such as “tracking pixels”, “tags”, “device IDs”, “tracking URLs”, “scripts”, “development toolkits”, “code snippets”, “local storage”. These technologies are used to improve the functional characteristics of the Website, to develop the most convenient Services for you, to offer information and services that may interest you, as well as to evaluate marketing and advertising campaigns.

For the purposes of this Cookies Policy, all technologies for the Website are hereinafter referred to as “Cookies”.

We mainly use the following types of cookies:

  • “Required” – used for the correct operation of the Website, respectively, you will not be able to disable them;
  • “Operational” – used to improve our services and collecting of statistics;
  • “Marketing” – used for marketing purposes.

 You can change your cookie settings here.

Cookie files, used by our Website
Cookie files Goals
Google tracking Is an analytical service that collects statistics about visitors of the Website, processes information obtained from the Website, showing information about visits in reports , conversion rates, geolocation, provider, traffic sources, operating system and other parameters.
Last active page  A service that helps us remember the last page you were on and help you start or continue working with the Website from where you left off.
number of infants last searched A cookie helps us evaluate traffic on our Website in the same way as Google Analytics. We use this tool to track of how many visitors book tickets or other services. We also collect data to test new features on our Website.
Session A service that assists us in gathering information and the overall functionality of our Website, and gathers all activity on the page for our developers to fix problems on the Website. Without this, we will not be able to solve some issues.
Last searched from airport/to airport/adult/child/infant counts These cookies help us remember your last choice and help you not to waste time during repeated visiting our website, and improve the convenience of booking services.
Optimizely cookies Website testing tool that uses cookies – files to manage unique test versions for website visitors. For example, a visitor of the website may view the page we want to improve and you will be shown a larger version of the page, while another visitor will be shown a shorter version of the page, allowing us to test different versions of the pages.
Site locale  This cookie allows us to remember/set your location as well as the local language for displaying information on the Website.
Timezone offset This cookie allows us to remember/identify the user’s time zone.
Unique visitor id (infinite timeout) This cookie allows us to remember a unique user to provide assistance in a case of booking difficulties and to identify the user on the Website.